Whether on foot or on wheels or the mind’s speed of light, welcome to  Jim and Mercedes’ speck on the web.  From the dust of black holes that whirled out to form stars, and from the dust of stars that make up our bodies, we seek what matters to us - connection, integrity, joy and surprise.  Our base is planet Earth, Los Angeles - a quaking, breaking, re-making region - a cauldron of creativity, commerce and nature.  Nature is in us and around us everywhere. 

                                Have Rock - Will Travel

We love opals and especially Boulder Opals from Queensland, Australia.  Opal is Nature’s Only Photonic Rock.  Chemically it is hydrated silica SiO2·nH2O that forms in veins and patches within brown ironstone rocks.  The geological process starts with rain dissolving some of the abundant silica in the earth’s surface.  The silica-laden water trickles down into cavities within the ironstone boulders where it slowly crystallizes into solid mineral material. In certain conditions, this crystallization produces tiny spheres, and in special conditions, the spheres are not only the same size but neatly ordered like cannonballs at the ready or oranges in a market. This design of nature in the mineral results in diffraction of light, and creates the magical glowing color you see in fine opal.  Blue and violet colors are evident where the spheres are smaller, shifting to greens and reds when the spheres are larger.  Boulder Opal is unique due to its tough ironstone matrix, giving it a hardness of about 8 on the Mohs scale (Diamond being 10) compared with 6 for other more fragile opals.  We participate with a variety of venues to share these photonic rocks, including the Mariposa Mineral & Gem Show at the California State Mining and Mineral Museum, and conventions of the American Geophysical Union, the American Chemical Society and more.


                                  A Navajo Prayer " A Na                                A Navajo prayer

“Oh, beauty before me, horror before me, beauty behind me, horror behind me, beauty to the right of me, beauty to the left of me, horror to the left and right of me, beauty above me, horror above me, beauty and horror below me.  All is fine for I am on the pollen path.”

Whatever the form of travel, we need strong backbones, flexible minds and openness to the unknown.    We support questioning social assumptions and delving into the core of things.   As Richard Feynman said, “science is an on-going process and not a fixed set of beliefs.” 


Our aim is to connect with you through bringing ideas and products that can test and ignite your body, mind and spirit.  We will be adding our undulating strength vest (now in prototype testing) in the future.


Greetings fellow Explorers

From a Billion to One Scale Models and Undulating Tools for Strength through Movement: Ancient Modern Perspectives on Evolutionary Fitness and the pursuit of play.